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Tabletop Gaming Conventions

Crit Hit Tabletop Gaming Convention is 3 days of RPGS, Board Games, Vendors and Entertainment at the next level!

We feature the best in tabletop RPGs such as Dungeon & Dragons and include small press and indie RPGs. Come sling dice  and up your adventure game by playing both in dedicated gaming areas such as our Hall of the Great Dragon or in private suites for a more 'home game' feel!

If board games are your thing, Crit Hit has a home for you too! Come push cardboard with our curated game library! Our friendly Game Hosts will help you find the perfect game for you and our Tabletop Ambassadors will ensure you have the best, safest and most enjoyable experience possible at the table. At Crit Hit you'll make new friends and rack up victory points in no time!


As with all our events, you don't need a badge to show up and shop or enjoy our free live entertainment and demos!

As of this time, we are planning on Crit Hit 5 to happen July 4th weekend 2021.